Here at Palm Beach Seawall Services, we provide a variety of services to our local commercial businesses. With a team of exceptionally experienced staff, work with us today to ensure your needs are met. With services to meet all your requirements do with seawalls, docks, boat lifts, and decks, you name it, and we are here to provide it! Having served our communities for many years, we are proud of our reputation as a trustworthy, and reliable team. Join many other businesses around you that benefit from our expertise and hard work and get in touch today!

Seawall Builders

As the number one seawall builders, you can be assured that when we provide all your seawall needs, you receive excellent standards of work that achieve strength and durability to protect your land in the long term. Able to provide all works for any stage of the wall, we can deal with any repairs or refurbishing, as well as initial installations. Offering custom design services, you gain the opportunity to work with one of our specialist designers, who will help to make sure that your wall is everything you want and need.

Dock Builders

If you are looking for dock contractors, look no further! With years of experience in this field, our expert team is available to help in any way that you need. You need to be assured that your commercial dock is providing exactly what you need, functioning efficiently, and keeping people safe. We are the team to ensure that this is the case, with our excellent standards of work and meticulous attention to detail. Providing services to suit every stage of your dock, we can perform all your local commercial business, required dock repair, refurbishing, and installation services.

Boat Lifts

Our boat lifting service is regularly used by commercial businesses across Palm Beach, FL. With specialist equipment and highly trained teams, we can deal with a whole range of boats. We work with a specialist seawall davit which, coupled with our meticulous attention to detail, can assure you that your boat will be dealt with safely and securely. From this point, we can perform whatever action you need, either holding the weight whilst a service takes place or moving it to a place more convenient. To find out if our lifting service is appropriate for your needs please get in touch and we will be happy to help!

Deck Builders

Our custom dock service may be exactly what you need! Offering you the opportunity to work with one of our specialist designers, we are the team to ensure your new deck is exactly what you need and want it to be. Our designers will help you to create the perfect design, with choices of a wide variety of materials, styles, shapes, sizes, and accessories. They can help with recommendations and advice, based on your specific needs. The installation process will be completed to exacting detail, built to withstand all weather and pressures! We also provide excellent quality repairs and refurbishments, if you need them.

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